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"The Lost Secret of Immortality is a psychedelic journey through many major spiritual and religious traditions. It showcases a diverse range of vehicles

for enlightenment such as the alchemical quest for the Philosopher's Stone to Tantric sex and martial

arts, all with a gentle narration that is understandable by a complete novice. With mind-bending imagery that could be the backdrop video for a major rave, The Lost Secret of Immortality presents a kaleidoscopic consciousness-expanding vision of what we all might become if we just follow the path."

• Gene Ching, Associate Publisher, Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine Author of Shaolin Trips


"The Lost Secret of Immortality is provocative, elegant and mind blowingly beautiful! It presents the quest for enlightenment and immortality in a manner that can be understood by anyone; using narration, interviews, quotes from the masters and stunning images and animation. I’m sure this movie will become a classic, in the mode of What the Bleep Do We Know!"

• Solala Towler, Editor of The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Thought and Practice


"It is excellent! Actually very, very good! It is worthy of that. Blessing on your work! Well done!"

• Dr. Tazo, author of "Christian Mysteries Revealed"

"I enjoyed the film for its artistry, movement, and subtlety in light, form, and shadow. It was arousing and relaxing at the same time. I don't know who I am. And knowing this I know who I am. The film teaches the teacher to become the student...and the student to become the teacher."

 • Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, The Discovery Channel's

The Know Zone


"It is the first film of its kind I have ever seen, and it spoke to me deeply. The presentation of the possibilities of enlightenment, immortality and the Rainbow Body of Light is a very courageous one, and it is of critical significance for our times. I hope that

this groundbreaking film gets the wide audience it deserves!"

• Robert Simmons best selling new age author of "Stones of the New Consciousness" and The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach



"The video is well done and presents a lot of ideas on internal alchemy as its done in both the East and West. I'd particularly recommend it to anyone just starting out as it has a wealth of information, but even more seasoned practitioners will find it useful. The book serves as a useful complement to the video, providing further information on concepts discussed in the video. I'd have liked to have seen some exercises included in the book, but the author does a good job of pointing to additional sources. Overall a useful resource guide."

 • Taylor Ellwood, Occult Author, Experimenter, and Spiritual Coach 


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